Dependency Cutouts

Click on a cutout image to download the cutout in FITS format.

SLID=3881301 SID=1 RA=49.3879 DEC=-34.6571 X=537 Y=6 None
SLID=3881301 SID=2 RA=49.0306 DEC=-34.6458 X=2000 Y=197 None
SLID=3881301 SID=3 RA=48.6963 DEC=-34.6531 X=1644 Y=59 None
SLID=3881301 SID=4 RA=49.1712 DEC=-34.6558 X=1805 Y=32 None
SLID=3881301 SID=5 RA=49.4609 DEC=-34.6529 X=1548 Y=73 None
SLID=3881301 SID=6 RA=49.4763 DEC=-34.6523 X=1760 Y=83 None