Dependency Cutouts

Click on a cutout image to download the cutout in FITS format.

coordinates [2208.4180964919196, 2144, 19.04697420618686, 118.98736544498388] are outside frame OMEGACAM.2012-04-18T03:42:08.560_1.fits (RawScienceFrame)
SLID=7512271 SID=100 RA=176.6120 DEC=-2.0411 X=16 Y=46 None
SLID=7512271 SID=101 RA=177.0654 DEC=-2.0399 X=1233 Y=55 None
SLID=7512271 SID=103 RA=176.5687 DEC=-2.0401 X=1427 Y=61 None
SLID=7512271 SID=104 RA=177.3923 DEC=-2.0400 X=320 Y=52 None
SLID=7512271 SID=105 RA=176.7166 DEC=-2.0400 X=1780 Y=64 None
SLID=7512271 SID=106 RA=177.1115 DEC=-2.0400 X=2010 Y=52 None
SLID=7512271 SID=107 RA=177.0173 DEC=-2.0403 X=421 Y=50 None
SLID=7512271 SID=108 RA=177.1505 DEC=-2.0400 X=530 Y=56 None
SLID=7512271 SID=109 RA=177.2379 DEC=-2.0402 X=2005 Y=52 None
coordinates [2185.5701429902847, 2144, 33.78281690249605, 133.76532412520828] are outside frame OMEGACAM.2012-04-18T03:42:08.560_18.fits (RawScienceFrame)
SLID=7512271 SID=110 RA=177.2461 DEC=-2.0400 X=-4 Y=55 None