Dependency Cutouts

Click on a cutout image to download the cutout in FITS format.

SLID=7512051 SID=100 RA=186.3454 DEC=-1.0502 X=1722 Y=37
SLID=7512051 SID=101 RA=185.5994 DEC=-1.0501 X=1988 Y=38
SLID=7512051 SID=102 RA=186.1312 DEC=-1.0503 X=254 Y=34
SLID=7512051 SID=103 RA=186.4227 DEC=-1.0510 X=885 Y=23
SLID=7512051 SID=104 RA=185.4978 DEC=-1.0510 X=274 Y=22
SLID=7512051 SID=105 RA=186.4746 DEC=-1.0507 X=1762 Y=29
SLID=7512051 SID=106 RA=185.5968 DEC=-1.0506 X=1944 Y=31
SLID=7512051 SID=107 RA=185.8895 DEC=-1.0504 X=455 Y=36
SLID=7512051 SID=108 RA=186.3236 DEC=-1.0504 X=1353 Y=33
SLID=7512051 SID=109 RA=185.6279 DEC=-1.0501 X=328 Y=42
SLID=7512051 SID=110 RA=186.2328 DEC=-1.0506 X=1969 Y=30