Dependency Cutouts

Used input SourceList (55183221) with IDs [20000, 20001, 20002, 20003, 20004, 20005]

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SLID=55183221 SID=20000 RA=128.7323 DEC=-0.7905 X=14168 Y=4742
SLID=55183221 SID=20001 RA=128.6619 DEC=-0.7905 X=15435 Y=4742
SLID=55183221 SID=20002 RA=129.1809 DEC=-0.7905 X=6094 Y=4741
SLID=55183221 SID=20003 RA=128.5695 DEC=-0.7905 X=17100 Y=4742
SLID=55183221 SID=20004 RA=128.5641 DEC=-0.7874 X=17197 Y=4796
SLID=55183221 SID=20005 RA=128.9555 DEC=-0.7905 X=10152 Y=4742