Dependency Cutouts

Used input SourceList (55183221) with IDs [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]

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SLID=55183221 SID=1 RA=129.0087 DEC=-1.0285 X=203 Y=25
SLID=55183221 SID=1 RA=129.0087 DEC=-1.0285 X=317 Y=423
SLID=55183221 SID=2 RA=128.8845 DEC=-1.0285 X=254 Y=29
SLID=55183221 SID=2 RA=128.8845 DEC=-1.0285 X=367 Y=428
SLID=55183221 SID=3 RA=128.8043 DEC=-1.0300 X=1050 Y=0
SLID=55183221 SID=3 RA=128.8043 DEC=-1.0300 X=1161 Y=397
SLID=55183221 SID=4 RA=129.4097 DEC=-1.0348 X=666 Y=327
SLID=55183221 SID=5 RA=129.0096 DEC=-1.0285 X=218 Y=26
SLID=55183221 SID=5 RA=129.0096 DEC=-1.0285 X=333 Y=424
SLID=55183221 SID=6 RA=129.4300 DEC=-1.0396 X=1009 Y=247